Olive it! was created to celebrate olives and help inspire you to try out delicious olive recipes and get cooking with this wonderfully versatile fruit. We are a European organisation on a mission to promote olives to the far-reaching corners of the UK, Spain and France, and we’re delighted you’re here to join us!

Take a moment to explore this site and you will discover how easy it is to create a vast array of delicious dishes using olives, most of them within minutes. You’ll learn about the different flavours olives can bring to a dish or how best to serve them on their own, as well as the myriad of ingredients olives can be stuffed with, the history of olives and lots more.

You’ll also find a section of the site dedicated to our friends and professional chefs, Jose Pizarro, Omar Allibhoy and and Sophie Michell. These highly-renowned and expert chefs have lots to teach you and have given plenty of brilliant recipe ideas to inspire you in the kitchen. Read more here.

We also reguarly run exciting competitions and giveaways; check out the Win! page for further details.

So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring and enjoying olives!

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