Omar Allihoy's Chorizo, green olive and red pepper skewers


3 fresh chorizo sausages (the hot ones if you like it spicy)
2 red peppers
27 green pitted olives
9 wooden skewers

For the marinade:
3 tb sp of olive oil
1 pinch of fresh thyme leaves
1 pinch of dried oregano
1 pinch of cumin

For the honey-mustard  mayonnaise:
1 free range egg
1 tb sp of vinegar (whichever you have available)
1 pinch of salt
1 tbsp of honey
1 tb sp of mustard (English, French, grain… as you prefer)
50ml of vegetable oil
70 ml of Spanish extra virgin olive oil


To make the mayonnaise, in a tight bowl or jug using a hand blender blend together the egg, the mustard, the honey, the vinegar and a bit of salt. Start adding the oil in a thing string while you blend until completely emulsified. Keep refrigerated until needed.

Cut each chorizo sausage in ounces as thick as the olives. Do the same with the red pepper.

Skewer 3 olives, 4 pieces of pepper and 2 of chorizo in each skewer, alternating them. Starting and finishing with the olives.

Mix the marinade ingredients and pour over the skewers in a baking tray.

You can cook them in a medium heat frying pan or just bake under the grill in the oven at 180 degrees for about 10 minutes, changing the sade half way the cooking time.

Serve the skewers in a tray with the mayo on the side for people to dip as much or as little as they like.